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Closing material life
cycles – the best way
to sustainably protect
resources and prevent
climate change

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    Safeguarding tomorrow’s world – by helping to grow sustainability

  • The UK tops the list when it comes to curbing climate change. No other industrial nation in the EU has been so successful in this area. The progress the country has made in cutting its carbon emissions is itself an incentive to drive forward the efforts being made to conserve resources. The goal: to increase recycling rates.

  • The UK is looking to grow its recycling rates. We are helping to make this happen

  • Our state-of-the-art fleet with the latest drive technology allows us to reduce the environmental impact when collecting recyclable materials. Recycling needs in-depth know-how, innovative technologies and a highcapacity infrastructure. Three fundamental requirements that REMONDIS is able to provide. Our top quality services cover all stages of the recycling chain: from on-site storage and collection, to transport, pre-treatment, processing and recycling, all the way through to marketing the recovered raw materials and products. We offer end-of-pipe solutions with the help of absolute state-of-the-art technology. Our philosophy is very clear: We want to achieve a closed loop economy. And all this with the highest levels of expertise as the REMONDIS Group is one of the world’s largest recycling, service and water companies.

REMONDIS – the recycling specialists

    • Final destination landfill? Not at REMONDIS. A mere 1 percent of all substances treated by the company will end up on a landfill

    • REMONDIS is one of the leading specialists in the field of recycling in North East England. The company offers a wide range of collection, sorting and recycling services in the whole region. Each year, its recycling facilities process a great quantity of material – from organic material and e-waste, to building and construction waste. A broad variety of processes are used to recover recyclable materials and any non-recyclable substances are turned into RDF. What’s more, REMONDIS produces quality-certified recycled aggregate from construction waste. This not only reduces the demand for naturally sourced aggregate, it also cuts the amount of material being taken to landfill – a sustainable solution, therefore, with two very important benefits.

BUCHEN-ICS Ltd – services for catalyst-based process plants

  • Perfectly maintained catalyst reactors improve product quality and reduce environmental pollution

  • BUCHEN-ICS is based in Scunthorpe, specialising in providing Reactor & Silo cleaning and Catalyst Handling services. The company delivers industrial services to its clients – primarily in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industries – the length and breadth of the UK. Its portfolio ranges from carrying out preliminary inspection work through to dismantling and installing Reactor units. Moreover, BUCHEN-ICS also acts as General Contractor managing all aspects of plant turnarounds. BUCHEN-ICS’ clients appreciate the high quality of work, conducted to stringent safety standards, combined with the ability to complete projects on schedule – all very strong arguments for working with the Clients, where Catalyst Reactors are often the integral component of Industrial Plants and Processes. Find out more at


REMONDIS Plastics Recycling U.K. Limited – conserving natural resources by recycling plastics

    • Protecting resources and curbing climate change at the same time: one tonne of recycled plastic cuts carbon emissions by 1.6 tonnes

    • No matter whether it is a PET bottle, cling film or a vehicle part: plastic can be found all over the place. The problem here is that crude oil is needed to produce this versatile material and our supplies of natural resource will not last forever. REMONDIS Plastics Recycling has developed sophisticated full service solutions to ensure that plastic from local authority collections, takeback schemes and commercial and industrial businesses is recycled. These include providing storage and collection equipment as well as processing systems.

    The waste plastic is transformed into high quality pellets, regrind plastic and flakes with predefined properties. Which means they can be returned to manufacturing processes and used to make new products. Find out more at


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