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REMONDIS Global Website // UK
Our business:
Recycling, services and water.
Our mission:
Greater sustainability for
people & the environment

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  • Environmental services are a complex subject. What’s more, this is a subject that is pertinent to all sections of society – from industrial businesses, to the public sector, all the way through to private individuals. REMONDIS’ ultimate goal is to offer all these groups sustainable solutions that are both resource and environmentally friendly. We have divided up our business into three main areas – recycling, services and water – and the individual companies within the REMONDIS Group have been organised to reflect this structure. However, having said this, it is not always possible to draw a clear-cut line between recycling, services and water so that the three often overlap. Many of REMONDIS’ companies, therefore, provide services from two or even all three areas.


  • We do whatever has to be done to ensure raw materials are recovered and reused so that they are not lost to us forever.


  • By providing a comprehensive and varied range of industrial and public services, we help companies, local authorities and local residents to handle their resources sustainably.


  • The complete range of water management services from just one company – from sourcing, processing and supplying drinking water all the way through to collecting and treating wastewater.

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