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Precious metal recycling

Some types of waste not only contain substances that have to be disposed of but also recyclable materials of great value, such as precious metals. REMONDIS UK carries out top quality precious metal recycling, thanks to its close connections to the specialist companies in the REMONDIS Group network. We can recover gold and silver, among other precious metals, even if they have to be separated from hazardous substances first.

Complete solutions

  • No matter your industry, REMONDIS UK will provide you with a bespoke, cost-effective and compliant solution that meets your requirements. Take advantage of our expertise to ensure you get the most from the precious metals contained in your waste. The following sectors can benefit from our specialist precious metal recycling know-how:

      • Precious metal processing businesses
      • Photo laboratories
      • Graphic design firms and printers
      • Industrial businesses
      • Jewellers and goldsmiths
      • Hospitals
      • Crematoria
      • Dental surgeries

Fair payment guaranteed

  • We place huge importance on running a business that is both transparent and fair. Each individual stage of the process is documented in detail - all the way through to the final recovery stage and payment procedure. If you wish, we can also provide you with written proof of all the analysis results in addition to the consignment collection note. Of course, our final payment scheme is just as precise and reliable as each individual recycling process. Various options are possible - payment can be given either in a physical form as ingots or granules or as a financial sum in line with the current market prices.

    Samples are taken to check and document the purity level of each individual ingot

A solution for everything – and not only for solutions

Whether the precious metals are in liquids, like electroplating solutions or in solid form, such as sensors, we have the technology to extract the most value. When we carry out our analysis and recycling work, we always select the technology that succesfully combines cost effectiveness with the best recycling results, whether it be cupellation, ICP and XRF or electrolysis.

Precious metal recycling: advantages

    • A full range of services:
      We offer solutions for all types of waste containing precious metals, removing and disposing of any hazardous substances at the same time.

    • Transparent and secure:
      Each step is documented in detail. At no stage of the process can your material be mixed with materials from other customers.

    • Efficient:
      State-of-the-art processes that are custom-made to deal with different types of waste and guarantee the highest possible amount of precious metals is recovered.

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