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Printing waste

Waste is generated wherever printed products are made. Some of this waste is classified as hazardous and must be handled and disposed of accordingly. Other materials, however, can be recycled and returned to production cycles once they have undergone the necessary professional treatment processes stipulated by law. REMONDIS UK is the right company to turn to for both these types of printing waste. As always, we place a great deal of importance on providing a cost-effective service and protecting the environment.

Flexible solutions

  • No matter what type of printing waste you generate, it is in safe hands within the global REMONDIS network. We accept a wide range of materials, including:

      • Aluminium plates
      • Containers
      • Printing blankets
      • Developers
      • E-waste (WEEE)
      • Ink tins and cartridges
      • Inks and sludge
      • Fixers
      • Fluorescent tubes
      • Solvents

In situ treatment of CTP developers

  • Our goal is to develop and offer our customers comprehensive solutions for their various types of printing waste. For example, our RECOMASYS system neutralises CTP developers on site at our customers’ premises and allows them to discharge the treated liquid directly into their wastewater network. The first step here is always to have our engineers check and examine all the local conditions at our customer’s premises. We then design and build a RECOMASYS system to meet all their individual requirements. We also, of course, help you to get the permits you need from the relevant authorities.

    Custom-made CTP developer recycling systems: our RECOMASYS equipment treats the chemical contents using environmentally sound processes and can be adapted to meet our customers' individual requirements

Printing waste services: advantages

    • Efficient:
      We can carry out an audit of your premises and advise you on how your waste management systems can be made even more efficient.

    • Legally compliant:
      Your waste, whether it should be disposed of, or recycled is in the safest of hands at REMONDIS UK as we fulfil all legal regulations.

    • Flexible:
      We'll find and develop the most suitable solution for your individual needs.

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