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Photo and X-ray waste

Chemicals, film, photo paper and disposable cameras; a whole range of photographic waste is generated at photo laboratories and all of the different substances need to be treated with extra special care. The same is true for X-rays from hospitals and doctors' surgeries.  REMONDIS UK ensures that all the recyclable materials contained in the waste will be recovered and returned to production cycles. All collection, analysis and treatment processes are continuously monitored and this information is then stored. We guarantee that all non-recyclable residual substances are disposed of using safe and environmentally sound processes.

Reliable partners from start to finish

  • A comprehensive service,right down to the smallest components. We use our knowledge of plastics and WEEE recycling to process disposable cameras.

  • We manage all types of photographic waste as well as handling documentation and data material from the medical sector. Our services include:

    • Disposable cameras
    • Developing baths
    • Film and photographic paper
    • Fixing baths
    • X-rays
    • Cine films
    • Silver flakes
    • Video and CD material

Waste as a valuable resource

  • As a waste producer, doctors' surgeries and hospitals must take all reasonable measures to ensure that waste is dealt with appropriately from the point of production to the point of final disposal. This is why it is important to partner with someone you trust. We work with our medical customers to reduce costs, save raw materials and make a sustainable contribution to the protection of the environment. Our highly trained team will work with you to find specific custom-made solutions for your requirements. And we provide a nationwide, flexible, 24/7 service.

    You can trust us to ensure you receive the maximum yield from your medical waste, while completing all the relevant compliance, destruction and certification paperwork for your records.

  • Learn more about our precious metal recycling activities here

    Systematically recycling waste that contains silver helps conserve valuable natural resources and makes you money

Photo/X-ray waste services: advantages

    • Years of experience:
      We have decades of experience in recycling X-rays and treating photographic waste.

    • Lower costs:
      Looking at the financial benefits, it is well worth your while ensuring that the greatest amount of recyclable material is recovered from your waste.

    • Environmentally sound:
      At our company, efficient waste management always goes hand in hand with environmental protection.

    • Flexible:
      We can reach you quickly thanks to our nationwide logistics network. We're just a phone call away.

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